Hi dear coeliacs!

Two days ago I called KLM asking why my flight from Paris to Shanghai had no special meal however from Shanghai to Paris I have gluten free meal.

They said it’s because the outbound flight is with China Eastern Airlines and the don’t offer gluten free meal,if I want to change anything I should call them.

I called them and they said that I should contact KLM……  it’s always like this. Then I said that they said I should contact them…  #omg

The company said they have gluten free meal an would make a request but this is not a confirmation, I had to confirm at the check in area.

Many companies say this but then when you do they say that you have to request 24h in advance! I really don’t get it. This is disrespectful, anyways… of couse I have no special meal in my flight but DON’T PANIC!

Yesterday I made tons of sushi! haha I’m ready to go! Will post pictures later!

See Ya!