Hello dear celiac! How  are you doing?

I took the plane to Shanghai on a Saturday morning and arrived there at 7am!!! There are 7 hours difference between  Dublin and Shanghai so I tried my best to sleep during the flight and keep awake during the day! If you travel to places that have a big difference in time please be strong and follow the local time to get used to it as soon as possible!!!


After all the confusion and practically sure that I was not getting Gluten Free food on the plane I prepared 6 sushi rolls and put in a cooling bag the day before travelling so I could have lunch and dinner in the plane. In the end I got GF meal on the plane but it was not vegetarian as expected…. I tried to eat the veggies around the fish but I felt really sick, not sure if because of the fish taste or (which I’m believe the most) because of cross contamination (I also got GF meal on the return flight and I also felt really sick). Do NOT trust others food. The veggies were totally frozen and I could not even try. The only thing that I trust is GF was the ALPRO that I already contacted the industry few months ago and is one of my favorite brands (vegan and gluten-free!)!


In the airport there are many people selling Sim Cards. As I was desperate to get one I bought at the first booth that I saw but there were others inside the airport probably with a cheaper price (I didn’t want to compare to not suffer as I already bought one hah). I was able to use Google and Facebook normally (which I was not expecting) the only problem was the internet speed – it’s really slow even with 4G 😦

There are many ways to go to city center from PVG airport. I took the metro which is slow but cheap. I can speak Chinese as I lived many years there but basically everything has  English Translation 🙂


After leaving my luggage at the hostel I went outside for a walk. I decided to take the hop on – hop off tour bus because I was too tired to walk but I really wanted to enjoy the day. I had a great time!


Only a few pictures for you to feel like going there! ❤





And the most important question: How about my food?!?!?!?!  Well, as I didn’t eat my sushi rolls in the plane I had enough Sushi for Sunday and Monday (which I  went to Shanghai Disney Resort that I will post about it)!! Lucky!!! I also had rice cakes and cereal bars with me all the time that I brought from home. Water and fruits are cheap and available everywhere!!!!


My giant Sushi rolls with cucumber, eggs and carrots! ❤ It saved my life! hehe Actually this is my tip for all celiacs, sushi is easy to make and delicious. Everytime that I have a day trip or a few days trip I take them with me. Made in our own kitchen with no contamination =  the best food for a celiac<3

This is my bag – basically only food! Instant rice, noodles, canned chickpeas, canned soup, many snacks!!! I counted how many breakfast, lunch and dinner I would need and planned how many snacks I could have in a day. I also took  my own  pan, cutlery, towel, sponge and lunch box.


The purpose of my blog is to say how I live and travel as a celiac and not to about travelling itinerary. If you would like to know more about my intinerary please leave messages with your questions ^_^v