Hello dear celiacs! How are you?

Woke up early and set up to Disney! There is a special metro line so it was really easy to reach there.

During my stay in China, my breakfast was cupcake or plain bread with soya milk (I bring vanilla, chocolate and strawberry lol like a kids breakfast!) Sorry, I shake when taking the picture, maybe too hungry? hehe


As I prepared many sushi at home before the trip I had lunch and dinner at Disney Land! Yay!

During the day I had energy bar,  rice cakes and loads of water because it was super hot!!!

There was so many people and I went during low season and it was Monday!!!

The best ride definitely was Tron rollercoaster ride! ❤  Video of it:

And sing-along Frozen songs in Chinese LOL


At night I cooked my dinner and lunch for the following day.  Went to the market and bought salt, mushrooms and green leaves. I had in my luggage pre-cooked rice,  chickpeas and vegetable stock.

In 10 minutes I was eating!