Hello dear celiac!!!

At the third day of my trip I took airplane to Huang Shan City! Sometimes I prefer to take bus/train because it can be faster and less annoying than going to the airport 1-2 hours in advance, check in, check your luggage etc etc …

Anyways, the flight delayed 2 hours and I arrived there around 5pm 😦 but luckily Huang Shan City is incredible and really busy until late night!

Our hostel was really cute and stylish. They didn’t allow cooking however, after showing a paper explaining in Chinese my condition the hostel owner allowed me to cook. I cooked my dinner and lunch for the following day. I cooked noodles, green beans and corn!

There where many writings and drawings on the wall and I left my message there as well! hehe 🙂

Taking about Huang Shan City!  There where so many motorcycles there and all with a plastic protection against sun and rain. I could not stop taking pictures of it!!!! They were so cool, I wanted one for me, so handy!!! hehe


I was in LOVE with this Hello Kitty motorbike!

The city was crazy. Full of people walking around, many stores, many things being building up… really showing a fast development!

Huang Shan City is famous because of the food and shops, specially during night-time! The souvenirs price is affordable (Shanghai is ridiculous expensive). There where many different foods that we celiac can’t try but there was also many fruit shops!!!! Was really fun to walk around!

I got a  fan for my mom and the store owner wrote a sentence about peace at home! ❤ I want my mom to hang it at the living room wall! It will look gorgeous!!!

Lovely city, worth visiting it!