Hi dear celiac!

My last day in China was in Shanghai going to random places. I really wanted to buy Japanese imported stuff and we found it at the surroundings of Laoximen station.

There were many shops selling original and fake action figures. Following are some pictures of the figures that I got:

Really cool Goku:

I also got a Card Captor Sakura, Ash Ketchum with a Charizard figure and a set of 6 Sailor Moon sitting on an Ice-cream scoop.. yeahhhh too cute *0*
We took bus to Hongkou District to see the 1933 Shanghai, the last slaughterhouse on earth (there were one in US and one in UK but were demolished). I actually only knew this when I arrived there. Besides the purpose of the building, the structure is amazing. There were many young people taking pictures, working in the many rooms and open areas around the building. Everything in the building now is related to art and design.

I also walked at Nanjing Road, enter some shops, got some random stuff!

Sailor Moon Make up!!!

At night back to the hostel, just ate another instant noodle… I was getting sick of eating the same stuff for the last 2 days, it was the right time to go back home! The other day in the morning I took flight back home ❤ End of my lovely week at China!

I will definitely come again! ❤