Hi dear celiacs!

I will visit my family at USA so I had to plan my food for the travel day! As always, I called the flight company to request my gluten-free food but we know we can’t trust 100% it, unfortunately. I requested my food and I asked if I needed to call to confirm the return flight food and the person said that it was all confirmed and I didn’t need to call back (guess what! I got food in my outbound flight but not in the return flight…)

Anyways… I went to Tesco to buy my snacks for the trip to be on the safe side! Tesco gluten-free section  is great but only at the big Tescos like the one in the DunDrum shopping mall.

I was amazed by the quantity of new products specially the variety of instant food! From noodles to rice! I got the instant noodles because just need to add boiling water, the pasta or beans needed microwave.

The price was spicy but OK, the instant noodles taste was not bad but still I don’t like it! For me it smells bad and tastes like fake food lol. Nothing better then home-made fresh food!

We celiacs are lucky to have so many options however, until now, the “celiac paradise market” is in the USA that I will show some pictures from there in future posts.