Hi dear celiacs!

I want to show you one of the best gluten-free sections in a marked that I have ever seen! The Wegmans that I visited had four aisle of gluten-free products and two with frozen gluten-free food.

The gluten-free section is well divided: sweets, cookies, snacks, food flavoring, ice cream related products, instant food, breads, cakes, cereals…

So many options of food flavoring and different kinds of flours!!!

There were so many mac and cheese options!! It’s mad! Here is a picture of a brand that was in promotion:

The frozen section has a vast variety of pizza flavors, waffles, breads etc!

Ahh the Ice-cream section…. most of them gluten-free and vegan. Had the chance to try a few, wanted them all! Maybe next time! xD  I will make a post of gluten-free ice-cream soon.

Most of the products in this market were well labeled and some products even explained that their industry handles gluten but they follow a rigorous protocol to avoid cross contamination. I personally prefer to avoid this kind of products, industry must learn that if it is gluten-free it is 100% gluten-free, however I do really appreciate that they explain this on their products.

Close look at the cookies and crackers section!

There where so many cereals, I got with me 4 flavors that I can’t find in Ireland.

It was great, of course some things the price are really spicy but for most of them I’d say it’s similar to the “normal” product.